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Winter Season

We have a few spots left for the upcoming 2017-18 Winter Season. If you have any questions or comments about registration or playing in the league please reach out through our contact page.

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Upcoming Schedule

DateTimeRinkHome TeamVisiting Team
01/20/201804:45 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena Burns NoticeBust A Net
01/20/201805:00 PMGrover Ice Rink Dekes of HazardDrop 'Em Out
01/20/201806:00 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena Big Foots StickWalk 'Em Dangle Style
01/20/201806:15 PMGrover Ice Rink Houses of the GoalieThe Scranton Stranglers
01/20/201807:15 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena Don't Give a FritzPuck Daddy's
01/20/201807:30 PMGrover Ice Rink Here for JagrThe Warriors
01/20/201808:30 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena IrishDropping MOAB
01/20/201808:45 PMGrover Ice Rink Seal Team SticksLoser Bracket Heroes
01/21/201805:00 PMNHL Rink Strange RashesPickle Rick
01/21/201806:15 PMNHL Rink OffThe Go Alongs
01/21/201806:30 PMOlympic Rink TorpedoesMILP
01/21/201807:30 PMNHL Rink Careless WhispersWar Plan Red
01/21/201807:45 PMOlympic Rink Whiskey DekeRoot Rats
01/21/201809:00 PMOlympic Rink Ogie's DeportationIrish Handcuffs

Recent Scores

DateTimeRinkHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
01/13/201804:45 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena Pickle Rick7Careless Whispers0
01/13/201805:00 PMGrover Ice Rink Ogie's Deportation3Torpedoes3
01/13/201806:00 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena The Go Alongs6Strange Rashes6
01/13/201806:15 PMGrover Ice Rink Drop 'Em Out1Here for Jagr1
01/13/201807:15 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena War Plan Red1Off1
01/13/201807:30 PMGrover Ice Rink Loser Bracket Heroes8Burns Notice5
01/13/201808:30 PMMotto McLean Ice Arena The Warriors3MILP2
01/13/201808:45 PMGrover Ice Rink Irish Handcuffs0Dekes of Hazard5
01/14/201805:00 PMNHL Rink The Scranton Stranglers3Root Rats0
01/14/201806:15 PMNHL Rink Bust A Net6Houses of the Goalie4
01/14/201806:30 PMOlympic Rink Walk 'Em Dangle Style5Don't Give a Fritz5
01/14/201807:30 PMNHL Rink Seal Team Sticks3Whiskey Deke0
01/14/201807:45 PMOlympic Rink Puck Daddy's2Irish10
01/14/201809:00 PMOlympic Rink Dropping MOAB2Big Foots Stick7